Fast !
Resize multiple pictures by a simple drag and drop
Fun !
Webcam Catching & special effect
Usefull !
2 clics to crop your picture
Clever !
Automatic detection of portrait or lanscape pictures
Smart !
Management prefixes to organize your photos

RESIZER GOLD is a powerful software that lets you quickly resize and add effects to your photos. The software works by drag / drop.

You can choose two ways to resize your images.
- Relative : Choose a maximum height, maximum width and the program will automatically resize your photos 'Portrait' based on the height and your photos 'landscape' based on the width.
You save time and consequent place on your computer.
- Free : You enter the width and height desired. (useful for processing images of the same size (W x L) or to create avatars for example).

Special effects !
RESIZER GOLD lets you easily crop a photo, add a border color, convert to black and white.
It is even possible to age a photo thanks to the aging/sepia effect witch adding a sepia filter and grain.
Finally you can click to take a picture with your webcam and change it with these effects above.

- Portable, it does not require installation and can be carried on a USB stick.
- Intelligent user preferences (it remembers your last settings automatically)
- Drag and Drop management for images and folders.
- Ultra lightweight software (1mo !).
- Management prefixes for easy filing of your files :

A simple idea but very useful, choose a prefix to your future images, so you can categorize your photos very quickly.

Example : Your holiday photo are called DCS01242.jpg, etc. DCS01243.jpg. Simply enter as prefix Vac2013_ to resize your photos and renamed this way: Vac2013_DCS01242.jpg, Vac2013_DCS01243 etc.

Input Format : JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA
Output Format : JPG, PNG

Download Resizer Gold

Note : the trial version is not limited in time, however, the generated images with a watermark. For safety reasons, it is impossible to remove the prefix to replace your original images. Setting up your key automatically waive these bridles.

NO virus - NO toolbar - NO malware

SHA256: 42f76fc119c9831e1f99d49df528a720bb8d7453ee30436ac0f38d9acb0a6302